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A Copywriting, Editing and Proofreading

Good copy is essential to selling your brand, and we know words that work. Our skilled team of writers and editors specialise in multiple fields. We'll quickly turn that long lecture into crisp, clean copy. We tick all the boxes: copywriting, editing and proofreading, all for one flat rate. Trust us - we help you say it better.

T Translation

One country, two systems, numerous languages. Whether it’s a quick convert from Chinese to English, or a complicated rendering into multiple tongues, we can handle all translation needs. We have in-house Chinese translators, and can source native-speakers for any language. Russian? Swahili? We’ll find a translator at no extra cost. 

B Branding and Taglines

Words matter. You have just a few short seconds to capture interest. Make them count. Speak out. Shout from the hills. Let branding and taglines instantly bring you results. We’ve developed some of Hong Kong’s most important campaigns, from international branding to city-wide slogans. Get in touch and let us sell it for you. 

E Website Content and E-Marketing

Your website is a window to the world. Its content, your sole method of communication. Don’t leave it to just anyone. We’re incredibly skilled in SEO-driven content, tailoring each word to bring in clients while raising your Google ranking. We can also develop the online ads and e-newsletters that’ll get folks clicking. 

P Custom Publishing

Custom publishing is the new wave of print media. Get on-board before it’s too late. We’ll kick-off by blending your essential client needs with your customer’s indefinite wants. Then it's a matter of using our decades of publishing experience, to develop an editorial strategy that's effective for all parties.  

R Public Relations and Press Releases

People skills are an essential part of a modern business, but public relations companies can cost an arm-and-a-leg. Our in-house PR team offers marketing strategies that are both efficient and affordable. We’ll also string together effective press releases, the kind that media types can’t resist. 

C Media Consulting

Experience is essential. Our writers and editors have spent decades working within the ranks of the world’s best publishing companies. Bring us on-board and we’ll happily pass on all we’ve learned. We’ve consulted on numerous major projects in the past, and can give you the editorial edge you’re looking for. 

S Social Media Marketing

Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. Instagram. It’s a whole new world out there and managing multiple accounts has become a full-time job. Log out and let us take care of things – we’ve got the kids on our side. We’ll send over a fresh-faced marketer with plenty of social skills, instantly delivering the internet results you require. 

M Affiliate Marketing Services

Creative marketers can sell in any possible climate. Our affiliate marketing team has a proven track record of developing unique strategies and delivering important results. They'll tailor each to your specific project, and we'll be right alongside to guide them. Get in touch today and take that marketing load of your mind. 

W Affiliate Web Design Services

Great copy demands the right platform. We’ve teamed-up with the city’s best developers to give you the entire package of design and content for one low cost. Whether you’re after a simple interface or something more complex, we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. Contact us today to see how we can give you the full treatment.